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Same Dependable Transair, Now Bigger!

We have recently launched our 8inch Aluminum Transair offering. This new size is rated for compressed air, vacuum, and industrial/inert gas applications.

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Transair Piping System Overview

Parker Transair Aluminum Piping

With over 20 years of industry experience, Parker Hannifin's Transair piping system has become the trusted brand for compressed air, vacuum, inert gas, process water and chemical transfer applications.


Available for aluminum and stainless steel pipe, Transair features lightweight components and quick connect technology. Compared to traditional systems, (Copper, Black Iron, Steel) Transair install 4x faster and is 4x lighter. All Transair systems install without the need to thread, solder, or glue the pipe. This allows for the piping system to be easily modified for future layout expansions. With Transair, there is no need to remove the existing piping system. Transair can integrate into most existing piping systems.


For superior performance, Transair uses the highest quality aluminum and stainless steel alloys to increase corrosion resistance. With Transair, the quality of the air leaving the compressor room will be maintained to the point of use.


Parker Hannifin stands behind the Transair product line by offering a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects on all Transair components.

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Transair Products

With over 20 years of industry experience, Parker Transair offers a complete line of products for your process piping solutions. 

Ranging from 1/2" to 8", Parker Transair offers a complete line of aluminum pipe and applicable fittings for compressed air, vacuum, and industrial/inert gas applications.
Ranging from 3/4” to 4”, Parker Transair offers a complete line of stainless steel pipe and applicable fittings for compressed air, vacuum, industrial/inert gas, process water, and chemical transfer applications.
Available in 3/4”, our 316L stainless steel drops can tie into existing Transair aluminum or stainless steel pipe systems. Ideal for washdown areas that use harsh cleaning chemicals.
Transair 316L Stainless fitting
Developed for pipe routing in tight areas, our line of compressor room fittings simplifies the connections needed to connect compressor room equipment to the distribution system.
Transair 3 Flanged Cross
Transair offers point of use Filters, Regulators, and lubricators in single and combination units. We also offer OSHA approved lock out valves for added safety.
Transair Filters Regulators Lubricators
Transair Condition Monitoring (TCM) provides 24/7 access to critical information about your compressed air system. Our web based platform puts vital system information in the palm of your hands.
Transair Condition Monitoring Sensor

Distributor Portal

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Video Library

Browse our vast video library. Videos range from informational videos about Transair and Transair Condition Monitoring, to installation and software training videos.

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Engineering Resources

The Transair service experience doesn’t end with your purchase. Our Sales and Customer Service teams provide complete piping project assistance and compressed air system design to complement our products.

Transair Learning Center

Our comprehensive library of learning material answers your questions about compressed air, Transair, aluminum air piping systems, and Transair Condition Monitoring.

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Do you have technical questions regarding our products? We can assist you with product design and other technical details. Parker has established a network of service providers and distribution centers to ensure our customers get the help and products they need without extensive downtime. Contact us to find out which office is closest to you.