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Explore Maritime Defense Technology

Our maritime products and technologies enable the U.S. Navy and international Navies to accomplish a diverse set of missions on and beneath the sea surface.

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Parker Defense

Whether they are engaging in combat operations, providing security, hauling critical cargo, or performing other important assignments, your teams need reliable equipment for safe and efficient operations. At Parker, we harness the power of science to provide an optimal balance of reliability, utility, weight, and comfort to a wide range of products engineered to meet or exceed operational requirements and enhance survivability.

Parker’s industry-leading engineers draw on the corporation's enormous breadth of technologies to provide optimal solutions to the most complex problems.  Parker engineers and manufactures a broad range of products for use on most Ground, Aerospace, and Naval platforms. Our products are force multipliers, designed to deliver the durability and reliability that is necessary for mission readiness and survivability in combat. 

Improve Performance


Our products range from commercial off-the-shelf to specifically designed and engineered solutions that meet all requirements of maritime and ground applications with respect to technology, functionality and safety.

Enhance Safety


Parker puts the safety of our employees, our customers, our distributor partners, our suppliers and their families first.  Safety is our primary core value.

Continuous Innovation


Engineering is our strength - we deliver proven solutions with advantages in reduction of weight, reduced footprint, enhanced safety features, maximum uptime, and optimal reliability.

Exceptional Quality


Our goal is to provide engineered solutions of the highest quality and reliability to our customers.  Our products are built to your specifications, delivered on time and will meet/exceed quality expectations.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Parker understands the importance of exceeding expectations in terms of performance and maintainability of military equipment. Parker offers a complete line of products that meet ABS, DNV, Mil Spec, or U.S. Coast Guard regulations and are designed to withstand the rigors of harsh maritime and ground applications.  From pressure and directional control valves to hydraulic hose, Parker has certified products, applications knowledge, and industry experience to help keep our military focused on defending our country, not on maintenance issues.  

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About The Defense Team

The Defense Team is dedicated to supporting ground and maritime customers around the world.  We assemble some of the greatest engineering minds in the industry to collaborate with military personnel to understand and analyze the problems they face.


Our team considers all challenges and possibilities to provide the best solution from the vast array of products Parker offers. Our solutions directly respond to the needs of those who serve, like extreme off-road mobility, expeditionary power generation, integrated on-board diagnostics and autonomous vehicle operability.