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With more than 13,000 service points

Parker is regarded as having one of the most powerful industrial distribution networks in our industry - Contact today if you need help finding the right distributor for your specific application needs.

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Need to Find a Local Distributor?

No matter the location, a Parker Distributor is nearby to provide products and service that keep customers productive. Hose Products Division has industrial distributors that carry a wide range of industrial hose products, as well as specialty hose distributors that have in-depth knowledge of specific industrial applications and may better serve your needs. Please enter your zip code below to find the nearest distributor for your industrial hose application. NOTE: This map may take a few minutes to load.

Industrial Hose Selector

S.T.A.M.P. (for Size, Temperature, Application, Media and Pressure)
So, you have an industrial hose that needs to be replaced or you don't know which hose to use for a specific application. This is the perfect time to follow the acronym S.T.A.M.P. (for Size, Temperature, Application, Media and Pressure) to be sure you install a new hose that’s properly matched to its job and will have the maximum lifecycle possible before it needs to be replaced again.

Use the Industrial Hose Selector tool to find the ideal hose for your application.

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Need to Comply with the OSHA Standard?

Twinhammer Hose Assemblies

Need a Jackhammer Hose that Complies with the New OSHA Requirements? Buy a Parker Twinhammer Hose Online! If you are looking to purchase a factory-assembled dual hose system that delivers both air and water for silica dust suppression in pneumatic jackhammer applications, Parker's Twinhammer Hose and Spray Kit System is now available for purchase online.

Need a hydraulic hose?

GlobalCore hose from Parker

Besides industrial hose, Parker's Hose Products Division offers the largest selection of hydraulic hoses plus more fittings sizes than any other manufacturer. We offer a wide variety of hoses including braided, spiral and multi-purpose and more than 4,500 Parkrimp fittings. All of our hydraulic hoses meet or exceed various industry standards including SAE, EN, DIN or ISO.

Have Questions or Want to Talk to an Engineer?

When each and every industrial hose you use determines the quality and cost of the end product, you want to know you made the right choices. We can help. We can give you expert recommendations for your application—including which product is best, how to save money and how to eliminate waste. To speak with one of our expert engineers about your project, send us a note and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Need Access to Online Crimp Specifications?

Crimpsource is the industry's most complete resource for crimper technical information. Crimpsource provides easy access to all the specifications necessary to correctly fabricate a factory quality hose assembly such as crimp specs, PDFs of technical manuals, part lists, and troubling shooting advice.