Parker Instrumentation components for trucks and buses.
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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Solutions

Helping create sustainable future - our fuel regulation components help OEMs and integrators build better systems with fewer emissions.

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Parker - On Vehicle

From fittings and regulators to valves and tubing, Parker's proven, multi-technology subsystems and components provide natural gas (NG) solutions that offer faster development, improved service life, reduced risk, and greater value. 

Natural Gas Certifications

Covers the types of certifications and the importance of testing and validation of natural gas vehicles. Learn about the types of extreme condition tests, CNG inspector training/certification programs and contact information for the organizations that provide certifications.

CNG Fuel Systems for Heavy Duty Vehicles

When we think about emissions, we usually think about our vehicles and the new wave of personal electric vehicles. The reality is that heavy-duty vehicles used for transportation of goods and passengers produce far more emissions and use a lot more fuel than personal vehicles.

IPDE achieves IATF 16949 certification

The certification – one of the most stringent indicators of manufacturing quality in the bus and truck transportation supply chain – was awarded following a five-stage independent audit conducted by approvals agency Bureau Veritas. This highlights Parker’s robust approach to quality management and reinforces its position as the global leader in motion and control technologies.


On Board Fuel Regulation Module (FM80)

Available with multiple options, Parker's integrated gas regulator system provides advanced fuel handling performance. Piston regulator design delivers better control, fewer connections, and longer range.

• Optimized for 5 to 12 liter engines
• Stable, precise pressure control of CNG from 225 psi (15 bar) through 3,600 psi (248 bar) inlet pressure
• Tested and designed for extreme environmental operating conditions
• Extreme -40°F (-40°C) and +248°F (+120°C) ambient temperature
• Superior flow pressure-characteristics compared to other products available in the market with a 20 psi (1.4 bar) delivery pressure envelope
• Maintains stable pressures and high flow to the downstream components across the full operating range of CNG vehicles tank pressures of 3600 psig to 225 psig (250 bar to 15 bar)
• The FM80 is fully configurable. Request a FM80 Technical Bulletin (PN 25000314) from Veriflo Division for more information

The On Board Fuel Regulation Module (FM80) features a machined body gas regulator with any or all of the following options: integrated high pressure filter, high and low pressure sensors, lock-off solenoid valve, heat exchanger and pressure relief device.
Parker On Board Fuel Regulation Module (FM80)


Provide reliable shutoff or switching functions. Upper and lower trunnion bearings enhance the resistance of the trunnions against seizure, and increase the valve life in extreme applications. Perfect for diverter applications such as fuelling / defueling vehicles.
Parker HB4 Series Ball Valve
Manually, pneumatically, and electrically actuated two-way B Series ball valves provide quick, 1/4 turn, on-off control of natural gas. Certified by CSA for NGV applications such as bulk containers and manual shutoff on vehicle fuel systems as per NFPA 52.
Parker B Series Ball Valve


Two ferrule tube fittings of precision engineered parts designed to provide secure, leak-proof connections on vehicle. Manufactured to the highest quality standards. Proven in CNG applications around the globe. Available in a broad range of sizes, materials, and configurations.
Parker A-LOK Two Ferrule Tube Fitting
A-LOK Two ferrule fitting on truck
Single ferrule tube fittings of precision-engineered parts designed to provide secure, leak-proof connections on vehicle. Proven in thousands of critical vibration and pressure applications, including CNG.
Parker CPI Single Ferrule Tube Fitting