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Single-Use Sensors

Parker domnick hunter offers sensors and sensor monitors for pressure, conductivity and temperature. Parker domnick hunter's pre-calibrated single-use sensors are scalable, pre-programmed and barcoded with unique ID for traceability and easy data collection. All sensors are available in 5 sizes for ease of scale-up.

SciLog® SciCon Single-Use Conductivity Sensors

Pre-calibrated single-use conductivity sensors that increase the efficiency of downstream purification operations through accurate measurement of conductivity parameters.

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SciLog® SciPres Single-Use Pressure Sensors

Pre-calibrated pressure sensors designed for incorporation into single-use filtration and purification platforms to increase efficiency and safety of operations.  

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SciLog® SciTemp Single-Use Temperature Sensors

Pre-calibrated single-use temperature sensors monitor and control temperature to ensure that validated conditions are met. 

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SciLog® Single-Use Sensor Monitors

Sensor monitors are available for the full range of SciLog® single-use sensors: SciPres pressure sensors, SciCon conductivity sensors and SciTemp temperature sensors.

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