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Arthur L. Parker founded the Parker Appliance Company on March 13, 1917, in a small loft in Cleveland, Ohio, along with his business partner, Carl Klamm. In the early days, the company built pneumatic brake systems for trucks, trains, buses and industrial machinery, as well as leak-free fittings for the pioneers of aviation.

Through staggering setbacks and impressive achievements, Parker solutions have enabled countless technology leaps over the past century playing integral roles in supporting war efforts, the exploration of space and the depths of the Earth, as well as advancements in nearly every manmade device that moves.

Today, our technology platforms continue to make a meaningful impact on the world with important innovations driven by our customers. Parker’s intellectual property adds unmatched value to our products and systems with over 8,000 patents granted throughout the company’s history.

Parker’s competitive and compassionate team members are focused on driving the company to even greater levels of success over the next 100 years. To learn more about the company’s 100 year history, visit: www.parker.com/centennial.

“Invention comes from keeping your ears perked and your eyes open.” - Patrick S. Parker, Former Chairman Emeritus

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