Aluminum Pipe Compressed Air Videos and Training for Transair
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Transair Video Library

Watch the videos below for more information about Transair, Transair Condition Monitoring and compressed air piping installation.

Transair System Overview

Transair System Overview Video

Learn what makes Transair Aluminum Piping Systems unique.

Pipe-to-Pipe Challenge

Watch the Pipe-to-Pipe Challenge Video

Witness the Transair difference as Transair aluminum piping goes head-to-head against copper pipe and carbon steel pipe.

Transair Condition Monitoring Simulation

Watch the SCOUT Technology video

Watch the SCOUT Technology video

Learn more about Transair Conditioning Monitoring and the advantages of real-time condition monitoring.

Transair Condition Monitoring Software Training

Watch the videos about SCOUT Technology Software Installation

Watch the videos below to learn more about SCOUT. Please note, videos open in a new window.

TCM Overview video
Alerts Tab training video
Devices Tab video
User Groups training video
Settings/Blackout video
Site Level Overview video
Manage Assets video
Manage Devices video

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