Transair Compressed Air Aluminum Pipe System
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Fast, Flexible and Easy to Modify

Transair® components are reusable and interchangeable, which enables immediate and easy layout modifications.

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Transair Aluminum Pipe Systems

Transair Aluminum Piping

Parker Hannifin, the pioneer in compressed air aluminum piping systems, builds on its history of innovation by manufacturing the largest range of diameters and products through its Transair line. With 20 years of experience, over 750,000 installations worldwide, breadth of offering, and superior operational efficiency has made Transair the trusted brand of mechanical contractors.

The lightweight components and quick-connect interlocking design allow for easy and immediate layout modifications with zero need to thread, solder, or glue pipe. Labor accounts for only 20% of installation costs, compared to the 50-80% of such costs associated with traditional steel or black iron compressed air piping. While traditional products often corrode and degrade over time, Transair aluminum piping consistently provides clean, quality air though its leak-free, corrosion-resistant design, ensuring longevity of the equipment.

Available in ½" to 6", Transair significantly reduces plant energy costs by increasing efficiency, reducing pressure drops, and eliminating leaks. Transair compressed air piping integrates into existing copper and steel piping systems without compromising performance, making it perfect for upgrades or expansion projects.

Transair aluminum pipe comes standard with a Qualicoat certified coating, making it ideal of all compressed air, inert gas, and vaccum applications in harsh environments.

Transair Piping Products

Learn more about Transair's flexible aluminum pipe system for compressed air, vacuum and inert gas applications.

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Transair aluminum pipe for compressed air, vacuum and inert gas systems offers the advantages of being lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant.
Transair Aluminum Pipe
Transair's various quick-connect fittings take into account the specific requirements of each diameter and provide the user with an optimum safety coefficient and easy connection.
Quick Connect Fittings for Transair
Transair valves placed regularly throughout the system at key locations, such as compressor outlets and upstream of pneumatic tools, allow ease of system isolation and pipe reconfiguration and maintenance.
Transair Valves
Transair offers an array of practical tools, accessories and kits for the installation and extension of a compressed air piping system.
Transair Tools and Accessories
Transair offers an array of couplers and plugs for the installation and extension of a compressed air piping system.
Transair Couplers are 100 percent recyclable
Transair flexible hose for compressed air can be easily connected to other Transair components and be rapidly installed without prior preparation or cutting. Thanks to its small bend radius, it requires minimum space and avoids mechanical stress within the system.
Learn more about Transair Flexible Hose
Transair Conditioning Monitoring's wireless sensors and cloud-based software allows you to monitor your compressed air system remotely and from anywhere.

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