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Vacuum pumps are necessary elements in any workshop, but can be an unwanted source of heat and noise on the shop floor. Installing a centralized vacuum system will improve working conditions in the plant, and because pump maintenance can be performed without stopping workshop machinery, the system will increase overall productivity.

Transair’s quick-connect piping system for vacuum systems to 98.7% (29.6” Hg) offers a high-quality vacuum solution that will increase the life expectancy of your equipment and the durability of your products. Our aluminum pipe is naturally resistant to corrosion and the unique quick-connect interlocking components guarantee a leak-free connection, ensuring optimal airflow and reduced maintenance costs for your system.

Transair’s modular and reusable system is easy to setup and adjust, safe, durable, and requires just half the time to install compared to PVC piping systems that are traditionally used for centralized vacuum systems. All products are developed to be maintenance-free, and are stocked and available in gray for easy identification among your other piping systems.

Vacuum Applications

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Product Detail

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