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Inert Gas

Nitrogen (N) represents nearly 78% of all gas in the atmosphere. Colorless, tasteless, odorless, and inert, it’s nonflammable and doesn’t support combustion. Given its chemical properties and the fact that it’s easy to generate from atmospheric air, nitrogen is the most frequently used gas in the industry, aside from compressed air.

Transair conveys nitrogen for a number of uses, including:

    • As a blanketing gas to prevent fire and explosions
    • To protect products from degradation by replacing atmospheric oxygen
    • To treat molten metal manufacturing    
    • To avoid oxidation during the heat treatment of metallic products, and during 
       welding and laser cutting
    • In garages – filling tires to increase their longevity

Transair piping systems are uniquely designed for optimum performance while using inert gases. The smooth interior with “full bore” design allows the gas to flow free without compromising its properties.

Regarding the safety aspect of Transair, the polyamide with fiberglass and treated-brass constructed connectors are non-flammable with no propagation of flame.

Furthermore, Transair has Qualicoat certification that is a guarantee of the quality of the lacquer finish applied to Transair aluminum pipe, which enhances mechanical, physical and chemical properties.

Transair is suitable for the distribution of Argon, Nitrogen, CO2 mixtures, Helium and many mixed specialty gases for up to 232 psi in temperatures from -4°F to 140°F.

Inert Gas Brochure

Our Inert gas solutions can help your company realize significant savings on installation, maintenance, and operating costs, as well as optimal machine and tool efficiency. Click here to download the brochure.

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