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Condition Monitoring


SCOUT Technology puts vital information and analytics in the palm of your hand. This is critical since compressed air systems are complex and often grow over time. With constant system monitoring using meaningful KPIs, operators, supervisors, and management are kept informed and constructive energy management is possible. As up to 85% of total costs of a compressed air system are energy costs, investment in air monitoring and system equipment pays off. 

SCOUT Technology is a state-of-the-art wireless solution that enables you to view the performance of a compressed air system 24 hours a day through a web-based dashboard. Data is gathered, compared, and analyzed, providing customers with both a quick snapshot and a complete in-depth analysis of the demand of a compressed air system. The dashboard is fully customizable to fit your data monitoring needs. 

With SCOUT Technology’s sophisticated wireless technology and user-friendly interface, users can easily view job-critical information to ensure a compressed air system is running at optimum levels. Customized alerts forewarn plant personnel of any compressed air performance changes in:

    • Pressure
    • Power
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Flow

Improving compressed air system performance requires a systematic approach analyzing both the supply and demand sides of the system. This is the prerequisite for any kind of cost reduction using energy management. Therefore, having this information close at hand enables users to make necessary adjustments and repairs to their system to prevent higher maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime.

Let SCOUT Technology MONITOR your Transair compressed air piping system, ALERT you to system changes, and provide DATA that helps reduce your downtime and increase productivity.


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