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About Transair

Transair Piping Systems
Transair is a fast, flexible, and easy to modify aluminum piping system used for compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas. Well-known for its high performance and use in a wide range of industries, its guaranteed leak-free components and “full bore” design make it an ideal fit for any facility.

Transair’s lightweight components and quick-connect interlocking design allow for easy and immediate layout modifications with zero need to thread, solder, or glue pipe. Labor accounts for only 20% of installation costs, compared to the 50-80% of such costs associated with traditional steel or black iron piping. As those products corrode and degrade over time, Transair aluminum piping consistently provides clean, quality air though its leak-free, corrosion-resistant design, ensuring longevity of the equipment.

Transair, available in ½” to 6”, significantly reduces plant energy costs by increasing efficiency, reducing pressure drops, and eliminating leaks. Transair’s versatility allows it to integrate into existing copper and steel piping systems without compromising performance, making it perfect for upgrades or expansion products.

Transair powered by SCOUT Technology 
SCOUT Technology is a state-of-the-art wireless solution that enables you to view the performance of a compressed air system 24 hours a day through a web-based dashboard. Data is gathered, compared, and analyzed, providing customers with both a quick snapshot and a complete in-depth analysis of the demand of a compressed air system. The dashboard is fully customizable to fit your data monitoring needs. 

Pipe to Pipe Challenge

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SCOUT Simulation Video

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