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Health and Wellness Applications

From advanced wound care to remotely managing chronic conditions, FlexSense takes wearable technology into the future.

What is FlexSense?

Stretchable, smart sensing for immediate, highly precise measurement of body motion that is customized for applications in athletics, health and wellness. Ideal for use on textiles.

FlexSense uses Parker's EAP Technology as a displacement to capacitance transducer. As the durable dielectric film is strained, it thins and expands in area, increasing its capacitance, which increases its energy capacity in just milliseconds.

What Can it Do For Me?

FlexSense provides precise, body motion measurements to facilitate the progress from data generation to prescriptive information for:

  • Real-time information and analytics
  • Aid in health care and rehabilitation
  • Improved performance
  • Injury prevention
  • Condition monitoring

FlexSense Trial

See the possibilities for yourself with a FlexSense Gen 3 Evaluation Kit. Each test kit includes:

  • 2 – 50mm EAP Strain Sensors
  • 1 – USB to mini B Cable
  • 1 – USB Daughterboard
  • 1 – USB flash drive loaded with instructions and necessary firmware


FlexSense Technology provides an unobtrusive, comfortable, and economical solution for wearable products in the Athletics and Health Care/Wellness markets. They are ideal for:

  • Youth and Professional sports
  • Patient monitoring
  • Wireless transmission of patient data
  • Swelling and infection detection
FlexSense's characteristics make it a perfect fit for wearables. The sensor can be placed in apparel substrates to measure performance and fitness levels while being comfortable and non-intrusive. The sensor can also be placed around body joints due to its high degree of stretch.
The soft, conformable nature of the FlexSense makes it well-suited for a number of medical applications, such as health care, assisted living, and elder care. Its accurate, precise motion capture capabilities makes it ideal for physical rehabilitation and monitoring vital factors.
Healthcare and Wellness