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A Natural for Natural Gas Vehicles and Dispensers

Our comprehensive range of products and multi-technology systems fuel competitive advantage

Helping create a sustainable future

A leader in the design and manufacture of products and systems that convey and utilize compressed natural gas (CNG), Parker is a natural for natural gas. Our proven, multi-technology subsystems and components in fluid management, motion and fluid control, filtration, and temperature control provide CNG solutions that offer faster development, improved service life, reduced risk, and greater value.

The Elephant in the Room

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The Elephant in the Room: Understanding and Preventing Compressor Oil Carryover from CNG Stations

Natural Gas Vehicle InstituteFleets experiencing undiagnosed oil carryover spend literally thousands of dollars replacing damaged or failed components, only to have to replace them again because the root problem is not solved. In this 45-minute webinar, learn what compressor oil carryover is, what causes it, how to identify it and how to minimize its impacts with proper filtration techniques.

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Make Fast, Less Costly & Leak-Free Connections

Pre-Recorded Webinar (Natural Gas Vehicle Institute)

If you're a CNG or LNG station design engineer, packager or construction contractor, don't miss this exclusive technology update from Parker Hannifin on the advantages of O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) fittings made exclusively for natural gas applications.

In CNG or LNG station construction, tube fitting can be a time consuming and expensive process. This 30-minute technology update will help you understand the latest developments in ORFS fittings and their application for your projects.

Topics include:

• Why use fittings designed specifically for CNG and LNG applications?

• Using ORFS fittings for extreme temperature installations

• Installation and fitting advantages of ORFS fittings

• Best applications for CNG and LNG stations

• Parflange Technology: How it works and how to save time
  and money on tube assembly

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Parker Solutions

Our global footprint assures local availability, no matter where you develop, assemble, or manufacture. From fittings, filters, and couplings to valves, hoses, nozzles, and receptacles, our complete CNG product package is unmatched in the industry. Our customers benefit from numerous value-added advantages.

Parker offers years of extensive experience in design, prototyping, and manufacturing shorten the design cycle, improving production efficiency and simplifying procurement procedures.
Benefit from Parker's extensive experience
Our global footprint assures local availability, no matter where you develop, assemble, or manufacture.
Parker Global Services
Parker fittings, filters, couplings, valves, regulators, hoses, nozzles, and receptacles are compliant and listed with national and international certification standards including CSA, UL, ISO, ECE, NFPA, NGV1, NGV3.1, NGV4.2, NGV4.4 and ANSI.
Meeting International Certification Standards

Alternative Fuels

From the refueling receptacle to the engine compartment, Parker offers components and multi-technology systems that make a noticeable difference in performance. Our global experience in the design of fuel systems for medium and heavy-duty vehicles is well respected in the industry.
On Vehicle
Our complete line of natural gas filtration, valve, conveyance, dispensing, solutions connect you to added efficiency and faster fill times. Have a unique application or the need to push the envelope of innovation? Parker’s team of NG application experts can help to engineer your success.
Fueling station
LNG/LPG fuels are less expensive than diesel and gas, and being used more and more on vehicles. LNG/LPG fuels reduce carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbon vehicle exhaust emissions. Let our application experts help you with your next fuel filtration, regulation, and conveyance problem.
Other fuels