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Certified products for natural gas vehicles

Parker offers the most comprehensive range of fully-certified, multi-technology systems and components for natural gas vehicles and fueling stations. Get the latest information on NGV product certifications and resources.

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Helping create a sustainable future

A leader in the design and manufacture of products and systems that convey and utilize compressed natural gas (CNG), Parker is a natural for natural gas. Our proven, multi-technology subsystems and components in fluid management, motion and fluid control, filtration, and temperature control provide CNG solutions that offer faster development, improved service life, reduced risk, and greater value.

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How to Make Fast, Less Costly and Leak-Free Connections at CNG and LNG Stations (prerecorded webinar)


If you're a CNG or LNG station design engineer, packager or construction contractor, don't miss this exclusive technology update from Parker Hannifin on the advantages of O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) fittings made exclusively for natural gas applications.


In CNG or LNG station construction, tube fitting can be a time consuming and expensive process. This 30-minute technology update will help you understand the latest developments in ORFS fittings and their application for your projects.


Topics will include:

• Why use fittings designed specifically for CNG and LNG applications?

• Using ORFS fittings for extreme temperature installations

• Installation and fitting advantages of ORFS fittings

• Best applications for CNG and LNG stations

• Parflange Technology - how it works and how to save time and money on tube assembly


Natural Gas Vehicle Institute

CNG Challenges

• Developing CNG refueling infrastructure
• Natural gas vehicles can cost up to 40% more than equivalent gas vehicles
• Gas vehicle conversions to natural gas can cost up to $18K
• Shorter driving range
• Longer refueling time
• Greater weight of fuel tank
• Currently only on a limited number of vehicles

CNG Advantages

• Natural gas (NG) is relatively inexpensive and available worldwide
• NG produces 30% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gas or diesel
• NG is safer, with a low chance of flammability
• Supply of NG is expected to exceed demand, keeping prices depressed
• Government push through environmental regulations, tax credits & incentives
• Using existing natural gas lines makes vehicle refueling at home easy
• NG engine availability is increasing
• NG vehicles offer longer vehicle life with less long-term expense

Parker Solutions

Our global footprint assures local availability, no matter where you develop, assemble, or manufacture. From fittings, filters, and couplings to valves, hoses, nozzles, and receptacles, our complete CNG product package is unmatched in the industry. Our customers benefit from numerous value-added advantages.

Parker offers years of extensive experience in design, prototyping, and manufacturing shorten the design cycle, improving production efficiency and simplifying procurement procedures.
Benefit from Parker's extensive experience
Early-on collaboration from concept through production creates competitive advantage.
Parker offers a competitive advantage
Our global footprint assures local availability, no matter where you develop, assemble, or manufacture.
Parker Global Services
Parker fittings, filters, couplings, valves, regulators, hoses, nozzles, and receptacles are compliant and listed with national and international certification standards including CSA, UL, ISO, ECE, NFPA, NGV1, NGV3.1, NGV4.2, NGV4.4 and ANSI.
Meeting International Certification Standards
As a multiple technology provider, Parker saves you time and money by reducing the need for multiple suppliers. We also support LNG applications.
Parker is a Complete Solutions Provider


Collaborate with Parker for CNG solutions that fuel competitive advantage. From the refueling receptacle to the engine compartment, Parker offers the CNG components that make a noticeable difference in performance, plus the expertise to put it all together for you. Our global experience in the design of fuel systems for medium and heavy-duty vehicles is well respected in the industry. Learn More about Parker On VehicleAnd customers have local access to Parker channels throughout North America.


Our complete line of CNG filtration, conveyance, dispensing, and valve solutions connect you to added efficiency and faster fill times. Have a unique application or the need to push the envelope of innovation? We can support that, too, with a team of CNG experts that will help to engineer your success. Learn More about Parker On Vehicle

Parker - Other Fuels (LNG, LPG)

CNG, LNG, and LPG fuels are less expensive alternatives to traditional fuels and are used in more and more motor vehicles. These alternative fuels reduce carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbon vehicle exhaust emissions. Still, they are prone to the same types of contamination present in traditional fuels. Parker Hannifin employs dedicated teams who focus only on the fuel market to provide you with the best possible system solutions. Learn More about Parker On Vehicle